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About Us

The Strat School of Media Studies stresses professional practice that is grounded in a strong liberal education. The programs are designed to equip students with both the best practical training as well as a depth of theoretical understanding to become leaders and entrepreneurs in their fields.

SMS offers its students real-world media opportunities alongside experienced professionals. During the course of their education, students will work in real-life, deadline productions in their medium in Bangalore’s complex and diverse laboratory, supervised by a cadre of professional faculty.

Students take a series of core courses on the techniques of message production, distribution and consumption and their social economic, and political impact. The core courses provide a broad, critical, and humanistic understanding of the communication process and its interaction with society. Within the professional module, students refine their skills in their chosen media discipline. These are supplemented with advanced work in writing, production, management, law and critical perspectives on the media.

Students also learn about the practice of mass communication and its effects, the role of media in society, the history of mass media, new media disruptions, visual aspects of communication, the ethics of media practices, new communication technologies, the economics and management of the media, and the legal and social responsibilities of the media.

Strat School of Media Studies is part of CMR University.