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The School presently offers Bachelor’s degrees in the following four tracks:
Print and Online Journalism

The newspaper and online journalism program prepares students for the exciting world of deadline journalism both in print and online. Students are equipped with professional industry standard reporting, investigating, writing, editing, visual and interactive skills.

Broadcast and Digital Media

Students develop skills in information gathering, researching, reporting, writing, audio, camera, editing, producing, and anchoring for both traditional and digital media platforms.

Advertising and Public Relations

The advertising and public relations program equips students with media strategy, media planning, advertising research, and copy writing skills to develop professional advertising and public relations campaigns for the corporate, government, consumer and media sectors.

Digital Communications and Multimedia

Students of digital communications and multimedia are schooled in the technical, creative, and business skills to design and manage digital media. They develop proficiency in the theory and practice of digital communications and multimedia to navigate the rapidly changing media industry.

Program Requirements

Students are required to take a total of 36 courses for graduation. The program includes a mix of intellectually rigorous theoretical courses and professional skills courses.

Of these 10 courses are in general studies and 26 courses in their major.

Within the major, all students must take 11 required common core courses, 6 required core courses within their track and 9 media studies electives. The electives offer them an opportunity to broaden their academic experience with courses from other media tracks or to sharpen their skills in their core track.

All students are required to also participate in media labs, servicing the media organizations associated with the Institute. They must also undertake a global component as part of their education. This can be done with any one of three options available to them: a semester of overseas internship or academic instruction, or a mix of courses offered by visiting overseas faculty or online courses by overseas faculty, or courses or projects on global communication.

Common Core Courses
All students at the school must schedule the following courses:

  1. Introduction to Mass Media
  2. Visual Communications
  3. Introduction to Digital Communications
  4. Mass Media Studies
  5. International Communication
  6. Writing for the Mass Media
  7. Media Internship
  8. Junior Project
  9. Senior Capstone Project (2 semesters)
  10. Special Topics in Mass Communications

Print & Online Journalism students must schedule

  1. Public Affairs Reporting
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Online Journalism
  4. Feature Writing
  5. Media Management
  6. Media Law

Advertising & Public Relations students must schedule

  1. Advertising and Public Relations
  2. Advertising Campaigns
  3. Media Planning
  4. Advertising Copywriting
  5. Media Law
  6. Public Relations Techniques

Broadcasting & Digital Media students must schedule

  1. Radio Production
  2. Television Production
  3. Multimedia Storytelling
  4. Writing for Video
  5. Broadcast Management
  6. Freedom, Rights and Entertainment

Digital Media & Multimedia students must schedule

  1. Multimedia Storytelling
  2. Digital Communication Systems
  3. Web Design and Multimedia
  4. Introduction to Digital Cultures
  5. Online Journalism
  6. Media Law

Media Electives
Each student must choose any nine elective mass media courses in consultation with their advisor.

General Studies Requirements
Students must complete a general studies component, which includes 6 required courses and 4 electives:

  • Introduction to Global Cultures
  • College Writing I (Freshman)
  • College Writing II (Freshman)
  • Humanities Core
  • Social Science Core
  • Systems of Thought
  • Additional details on courses offered, are available at Courses.


    Courses and programs are subject to change.